. We are technical and commercial representatives for the entire ALFA LAVAL product line. (Sweden)
. We provide new equipment, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair on board and in plant of all the products.
We have stock of spare parts for immediate delivery.
Alfa Laval offers a wide range of equipment that covers several critical operations on board.
. Marine.

What products do we commercialize?

. Plate heat exchangers.
. Filtering Equipment.
. Fuel Treatment.

. Water distillers by evaporation.
. Oily water treatment.
. Ballast water treatment.

. Steam generators.
. Thermal fluid heaters.
. Original and Genuine new parts.


Oil Cleaning

Efficiency and Protection



Fuel conditioning

Start and Forget


Engine Protection

Thermal fluid

TFO is a Oil – or Gas

Crankcase gas

Separation to remove oil

Exhaust gas cleaning

Elimina Compuestos Dañinos

Water cleaning

Water Treatment


freshwater generator

Ballast water

Water Treatment System


Anti-heeling pump system

Oily waste

System for Oily

Waste heat recovery

Fuel savings and CO2

Waste heat recovery

Energía Calorífica

Ballast water treatment

Ballast water treatment

Inert gas production

Gas generators employ

Tank cleaning

Tank cleaning solutions

Cargo pumping system

Security and efficiency